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If you want to build Benton stronger than it’s ever been, then you need a Mayor with experience. Learn how Jerry Ponder is going to make it happen.


MAYOR 2018
Born on April 19, 1960 in Shreveport, Louisiana, Jerry Ponder has dedicated a large portion of his life to serving others and being involved in his community. Since moving to Benton 17 years ago, he has spent 12 years as an Alderman and has been personally influential in making Benton into the city it is today.

Jerry’s experience working for the city as an Alderman, attending city council meetings, and perfoming budget reviews for the last 12 years has give him a unique perspective on the operations of Benton. Now, he can honestly say through experience that you, the people, are what make Benton the heart of Arkansas, and that you are what make it home. Let’s build Benton even stronger than it already is.

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